Karen Denton

Watercolor Artist

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I have always enjoyed making pretty things.  When I was in grade school it was craft and decorative projects that I loved - not art classes with “all that drawing.”

Many years ago when my husband and I moved to California, a neighbor, who was an artist, asked me to join her classes.  I protested, “I can’t draw.”  She took me under her wing anyway.  Studying with her I learned to paint beautiful oil paintings.  I learned a nice fat brush could make trees, a palette knife could make bark, and a crumpled up napkin could make wonderful leaves.  I truly enjoyed oil painting.  I studied with her for two years and filled our home with paintings.

When my husband and I bought our first house, finding a regular instructor and a place to paint, plus the hassle of transporting a wet canvas in the car became too much trouble.  I stopped painting.  My walls were full - I was happy.  I continued to work in art, making ceramics, items in wood and handmade glass beads using shimmering dichroic glass.

Several years ago, I saw a flyer for a class “Drawing On The Right Side Of Your Brain” at a local college.  I had read Betty Edwards' book and was eager to take the class.  It changed my life!  No longer afraid of drawing, I began to explore pen and ink, charcoal and pencil. 

Several students in my class were also taking watercolor classes.  When I saw the beautiful transparency of their paintings and the beautiful colors I was intrigued.  I enrolled in a watercolor class!

I grew up in southern Indiana, with all its beautiful flowers and green hillsides.  There is no prettier place to see the beauty of fall leaves with all their brilliant reds, yellows and oranges.  I love to capture the beauty of nature’s bounty in the brilliant colors of watercolor!

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